Are you here to find the best turntables for sale? We have top selections for you to check out in this website. Here we rank these vinyl record players based on quality, durability, as well as price factor. We also take user reviews into our consideration.  Here check the full list below or you can also check the 3 top featured turntables above.

1. Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB + AudioEngine A5+


“Complete vinyl listening package including bluetooth”


  • Pre-configured bundle: just plug and play!
  • One of the best selling turntables – from Audio Technica (one of the best audio brands in the world)
  • superb sound and highly customizable
  • Audioengine A5+ speakers – very loud, you are going to love it
  • USB+AUX input, cartridges and cables are included by default, and you can plug speakers directly
  • Price $479-$499 at Amazon (price might change)


2. Audio Technica AT-LP60-USB + AudioEngine A2+

“Really good one – very high quality for its price”


  • Pre-configured bundle: just plug and play!
  • Best selling turntable for its price
  • USB and bluetooth ready for recording and directly connecting to your computer/gadget
  • Audioengine A2+ speakers package included
  • USB+AUX input, cartridges and cables are included
  • Speakers’ built in DAC is really high quality
  • Price $329 at Amazon (price might change)

<I will update with more selections in the future. Now I don’t have much time to write on this website>


Above items are all high quality turntables for sale. I personally use Audio Technica AT-LP120 for my vinyl record player. Usually I play vinyl with my AT-LP120 in the morning when I drink some coffee to begin my day (anyway, you can check if you want to buy some good coffee maker. I bought mine from there)

Back to topic. If you believe there’s a product that deserve to be listed on my top 10 list above, please let me know! This is just a temporary homepage. I will update it later by the end of March.